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Viktoria is an inspired performer and instructor of Oriental Dance and Russian Gypsy Dance in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. She offers classes and workshops at her studio, the FireBird Dance Place, located in Naperville, IL.

She was raised with Russian Gypsy dance in her native Russian and learned to spin around a room without falling before she knew how to read.

She attended her first belly dance class about 10 years ago after she came to America and its beauty took her breath away. She hasn't stopped learning, performing and teaching since then. Viktoria has been pursuing excellence in Oriental Dance with outstanding teachers and performers from the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

She has performed and taught workshops throughout the Midwest. She is a featured dancer at a number of Russian restaurants in the Chicagola ...More

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Chicago Belly Dancer
Viktoria Mitlyng - Chicago Belly Dancer - Belly Dance Instructor - Chicago Dance Studio

Viktoria Mitlyng
Chicago Belly Dancer
Firebird Dance Place
Naperville, IL
(630) 201-1345

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